Monday, January 27, 2003

I sent this letter to president Bush today. I know it doesn't make a difference ... the administration has made it apparent they'll do whatever they want, regardless of what we want.

Dear Mr. President,
Yes, one more American that opposes a war with Iraq. Why?

First, you have yet to provide a reasonable justification for invading a sovereign nation. You say "they have weapons of mass destruction and must be stopped," but you don't appear to want to give the UN weapons inspectors a chance to finish their job ... nor would it appear that you want to share intelligence with the inspectors ... intelligence that could lead them to the weapons you "know they have."

Second, you are hell-bent to proceed without the support of the United Nations. Aren't we citizens of the world? Shouldn't we hold ourselves to the same standards that we expect other nations to abide? Don't we have an obligation to lead by example ... to show how a proper world citizen should behave?

You don't have to study the rhetoric of "our enemies" very much to realize this: they see America as a bully. A country that does what ever it wants, without regard for its neighbors or the people affected. While I don't think this is a fair assessment of our country ... I also don't see that your policies are doing anything to belay these sentiments.

I pray that you will find the patience to wait for the UN Inspectors to complete their work. I pray that you will decide to support the International community, to work with instead of against the United Nations. I pray that , if our military must be deployed, they will truly be acting on behalf of Americans and her international neighbors. I pray that they will not only be fighting your war.
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