Tuesday, October 22, 2002

Beer bash. Three glasses of wine. Back at my desk. I didn't want to work. I knew I was too punchy to get anything useful done, so I wan planning on writing here anyway. I figured I'd go home when my wrists start to hurt again (i.e., the buzz had worn off). But I came back to an IM from the development manager for the product I support and I see that they want me to look into a production issue. Damn. Sobering up a little quicker than I wanted to. Now I am grepping through database access logs, waiting for a dev to call me back.

Speaking of which, as it was sort of a slow day today, I thought I'd try to force myself to touch-type. For the most part, I have been successful. That is to say, my fingers start in the home position and flail about looking for the right keys without too much help from my eyes. I have been surpassingly successful. Slow, but not as many typos as I would have expected. If I keep this up, I may be able to touch-type at a reasonable speed in a few weeks.

I decided today that I am not very good at holding grudges. Or bargaining. The first one I am okay with. I think it makes me better person, actually. The second one, I think I may need some help on, but, again, I'm not too worried about ... I just happened to marry a wonderful negotiator.

Ah well, back to work and -- hopefully soon -- home.

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