Friday, August 02, 2002

To .mac, or not to .mac? I am really considering not paying the $59.95 to keep our accounts. It's tough, because I think Miriam & I both have really good e-mail addresses. And I like the integration with iPhoto, and the future integration with iCal. And I'm a general Mac freak, anyway.

But I also work for the world's largest ISP, and I'm wondering if it isn't time to start eating my own dog food. I can use the web hosting, instead of (although the templates are much nicer). We have webmail, just like The mail client may not be as nice as Entourage or Apple Mail, but I don't get all that much personal e-mail anymore, so I don't care too much. And, we have screennames that are nearly as good as our addresses (inspired by Marcel Levy's screenname) ... but it's always a pain to change e-mail addresses.

Plus, .mac still annoys me. Not that they are charging, but that extra "e-mail only" accounts cost $10/year. Why don't we get at least four e-mail addresses for that $100/year? And why can't we add storage space to our e-mail only accounts? Bah

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