Thursday, August 08, 2002

From Bricks to Bothans has been one of my favorite websites for a few years now. They usually report news on the Star Wars Lego sets, and have a great collection of custom sets readers have built. Recently, they have started selling custom made blasters for the Lego mini figs.

Today, they posted pictures of New Gothopolis, a collage of comic book landmarks created by a guy that actually works for Lego. The collage includes Wayne Mansion, The Daily Bugle and The Tick's apartment, to name a few. There's even a QuickTime movie of Clark Kent using the revolving door at The Daily Planet to change into Superman. And there are tons of custom figures, including Thor, The Ant, and the Human Torch.

Still, my favorite feature of the site is The Star Wars Alphabet Project:

This is the Star Wars Alphabet project. I plan on making a ship for every other letter in the alphabet. 20 ships total. So this won't include x, y, a, b, e, and v. The last 2 letters are ships depicted in various comics, books and games. View the FAQ.

My favorite is still the D-Wing, particularly the cockpit mechanism.
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