Sunday, July 28, 2002

Sunday. Miriam's at work for a few hours, and I've come into work to drop off food for the food drive and drop off my clothes for the week. I'm going to start riding my bike again tomorrow, and it's much easier if I already have my work clothes here, then I just take a shower and get ready for work at the on-site gym.

The ride really isn't all that far ... maybe three miles, maybe fifteen minutes. Both my house and my office are right off of the W&OD Bike Trail, and old railroad that has been converted to a bike trail. The way to work is nice & flat, and there is very little traffic to worry about, well, until I try to cross Sully.

I really should get home and mow the lawn ... we haven't mowed in three weeks. Last week Miriam and I celebrated her birthday in DC. The week before it was raining, and the week before that the lawn was so dry, there just wasn't anything to mow.

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